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Tips on Getting Kids Excited to Read
Creating Great Habits to Help Kids Grow In the wake of COVID-19, many schools have temporarily closed so that kids can stay safe and healthy at home. While this is absolutely the right thing to do as a society, for each parent it creates a big, important question: “How can I make the most of...
Existing Phonics Programs Fail to Deliver
None of the phonics programs on the market today hit the mark.
How to Fix the Literacy Crisis in America
Innovation is required to fix the literacy crisis in America.
Why is it so Hard for My Child to Learn to Read?
It is difficult to learn to read because, frankly, English makes no sense.
How Often Should I Teach My Child to Read?
For optimal learning, you should teach your child to read quite often: two times a day for 10-20 minutes per session, every day of the week.
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