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Reading World is a fun, interactive educational game designed to teach kids 2-7 years of age how to read. ReadingWorld is designed to be so amazingly easy and inspiration-educational that without any guidance from an adult, the average 3 year old child can read their first word in less than 5 minutes, even if they have never read before. Visuals are rich, high contrast and engaging. Reward animations for correct answers are dynamic, cute, and wonderful. It is a playful app that represents the absolute highest quality of digital learning possible for their kid.

The game opens and the child sees a series of islands floating in the sky, each designed to match a specific Theme. The child selects from City, Farm, Ocean, or Jungle. After selecting an island, the child then does a Set of Activities, designed to teach them how to read or to just be entertaining. Once the tasks are complete, they return to the Reading World home page and can select a new Area to explore, or go back to the same one to play again.

The Activities in an Area are themed to that Area. For example, a Quick Pick task presents the child with three options to choose from. In the Ocean, these are shown in bubbles that pop. In the Forest, they are leaves which float down to the ground. Activities may be exclusive to an Area, or leverage common concepts/gameplay and just be themed/skinned to the Area.

A key aspect of the project is that the content of the tasks is dynamically generated, based on the child’s progress and level. This allows children to play their favorite levels many times (e.g., Monster Trucks or Dinosaurs or Princesses) while the content adjusts to their learning.

Reading World is all about “Blocks”. Blocks are the necessary elements that, once learned, will allow a child to read. A Block is a combination of the sound and the letter(s) that make that sound. So the ‘a’ as it sounds in ‘sat’ is one block, the ‘A_AE’ block. The ‘a’ in ‘ape’ is a different sound, and so it gets it’s own block: the ‘A_EY’ block.

At each Level, a Player is assigned a certain number of Blocks. Each time a Block is correctly identified in an activity, Block Experience is increased for this Block. Once every Block meets the Level requirement, the Player Levels up, and receives the next set of Blocks.

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