How Often Should I Teach My Child to Read?

How Often Should I Teach My Child to Read?

Let’s cut to the chase. For optimal learning, you should teach your child to read quite often: two times a day for 10-20 minutes per session, every day of the week. To learn why, read on.

Remember, it is easy and fun for a child to learn. It’s what they were born to do. They do it all the time. For an adult, it often will take 17 repetitions to build a solid memory. A child can retain information after one or two hearings (like a bad word Daddy yelled after stepping on yet another small, criminally sharp plastic dinosaur) if the word is presented in an important context.

The Science of Teaching Frequency

The optimal structure to teach your child to read can be found here. In order to determine the optimal frequency and duration for using our program, we looked at lots of scientific literature, specifically memorization using spaced repetition and long term retention. We ultimately concluded that, in terms of timing and use, our recommendation is that Little Angels play Reading World two times a day. Once either in the morning after breakfast or in the early afternoon, and once again at night as the beginning of their bedtime routine. By spreading out these sessions, we have a great opportunity to reinforce the previous sessions’ learning. The short duration and down time in between is critical for success. Your child will learn faster from two 20 minute sessions than from one 40 minute session.

Similarly, for best results, your child should play every day. Again, this is to allow us to better time the introduction of content appropriately to your child’s progress, and thus make learning easier and more fun. This consistency allows our Reading World app to do some real magic. If you can be consistent, then based on what we see with your specific child, the Reading World app will evolve to present content at different rates, identify places where there is confusion for your child, and reinforce learning optimally.

The Real World

Now, this is all ideal. The reality is that any sort of reading and phonics practice is better than none at all. We hope your child absolutely loves the game, so the conversation becomes more about limiting their time than pushing them to do it.

Reading World makes each letter introduced important, and then systematically re-teaches this content until a baseline understanding is achieved. By presenting this in an optimal frequency and duration, your child can learn to read extremely quickly with very little parental support required.

We know that you, dear mom and dad, are likely tired. It is hard work to be a great parent or caregiver. So if after 20 minutes, you look over and see your little three year old enraptured and hear them sounding out words and laughing as Dante leaps across the jungle, take a few minutes for yourself and enjoy being a great parent. Your child is learning to read all by themselves.

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