What is Your Name?

Level 1


Lesson Objectives

  • Understand that words are made up of sounds represented by letters
  • Understand that the letter name can be different than it’s sound
  • Understand that some letters have different sounds in different words


  • Write all the letters of the alphabet on the blackboard
  • Write each students name on a notecard and place it on their desks

Common Core Standards
RF.K.1.a, RF.K.2.c, RF.K.2.d

Lesson Duration
35 Minutes

Prep Time
10 Minutes

Materials Needed
Paper or Notecard for Each Student
Whiteboard / Blackboard


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Look at My Name

This activity introduces students to the basics of phonics, connecting letters and their sounds. At the same time, we use the natural variation in how most names are pronounced to explicitly teach that letters often make different sounds in different words.

  • Trace each student’s name on a notecard and place it in front of them (leave space within each letter so they can color in the letters.)
  • On the board, have all the letters of the alphabet displayed.
  • Go through each letter saying the sound and have the class repeat. Ask the students to raise their hand if they have one of the letters that you sound out.
  • Discuss how letter names and letter sounds are different and that some letters can make different sounds in different words.
  • Write your name or the school’s name on the board (with TIPS). Explain that the class will be using these TIPS marks to help us sound out letters and read words.

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