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Our Approach

We want to make reading easier for our own kids, and all the kids struggling to read across the country. To do this, we are working to break down reading into its tiniest components, both from a “decoding” aspect (how do we sound out the words we see?) and a “meaning-making” aspect (how do we understand the stories we read?).

We add “reading tips” to letters so that each word is unique, and can be sounded out, from left to right, without any exceptions. This lets even the littlest learner make real reading progress. Once they learn a letter and the reading tips, they can translate the printed word on paper into a word that they understand. By eliminating the barriers to decoding the language, we then allow the children to focus their energy on meaning-making, which is what “Reading” is really all about.

Over time, we think this method will be proven to provide enormous benefits to the children who use it. Children won’t struggle to read. Lack of struggling will strengthen the student’s association between reading and joy, leading to a life-long love of literacy and learning that can dramatically alter a child’s future.

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