Our Team

Zachary Silverzweig


Devoted father of Harper and Conrad, whose tiny little baby steps started this whole project. Owns very dusty climbing gear.

BA, MS, Columbia University



Leads our sales and marketing   efforts, spreading the TinyIvy story around the world. Her passions are her son, who is learning to read with TIPS®, and her pony, Biggles.

Indian River University




Customer Success

Ensures that every customer has all the support they need to make  TIPS® a success in the classroom. She is mother to two delightful little girls, and an avid runner.

University of Miami, University of the Pacific, Heineman Institute

Marcin Ziółkowski


Makes ideas and content digital reality, bringing TIPS® to life and accessible to students, teachers and parents alike.  Likes road trips and skiing.

Mary Trueheart


For over 20 years, Mary was CEO of a multi-million dollar management consulting company, focusing on management development and training.

MS, Farleigh Dickenson University
JD, University of Utah

Our Advisors

Teddy Rice


President and Co-Founder of
Ellevation Education

Over 20 years experience in Education Technology as an operator and investor, focused primarily on how innovation can make a difference for our nation’s underserved and struggling students.

MBA Wharton, BA Dartmouth

Dave Goldberg

Dave Golden


Founder and Managing Partner, Saing

Dave has built his business on the belief that focused, innovative solutions and socially conscious partnerships create lasting value. The son and grandson of teachers, he is passionate about increasing access to literacy, especially for communities in need. He is a trustee of the Ochs-Sulzberger trust, which controls the New York Times.

BA, Williams College
Fulbright Scholar, S. Korea

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