Updates on the Reading World Pilot


We have been getting a lot of questions about the pilot program and wanted to post an update so that everyone knows what is happening. First, don’t worry, you haven’t missed it. 🙂

The team here is hard at work. Sergey and Diana are polishing art and animations to make the game engaging for all of our kids. Pavel is back from a well-deserved vacation and coding like a Jedi master. I’m working hard on the content itself. The journey is long, but we are on the right path.

We also are really lucky. We have a TON of friends and family who have trusted us enough to deliver the content we created right to their kids, on an iPad. This is a responsibility we take super seriously. Even in a beta, we need to make sure that we deliver a product that works well enough to deliver some positive results.


All that said, safe bet right now is that we will start to roll out invitations to our beta testers starting in the second week of December. We’re planning for a three month window of testing, controlled deployments, and maybe a KickStarter campaign to work out the kinks before a full launch in March of 2020. Maybe my birthday? We will see.

So what should you do? Stay tuned! Every two weeks we are sending out an email talking about our progress as we launch the game. Next week, I’ll pull these into the blog so folks can see where we are now, where we came from, and really get a sense of where we will go next.


In the meantime, we are also pushing forward hard on some physical products that can accompany the game. This came out of early feedback from some of our favorite ScreenFree parents, but also has been fantastic in allowing us to deploy the system to friends and family. You guys will hear more about this likely in the next few weeks.

Thanks again for your support, kind words, time, energy, high fives, spare offices, and fruity water.

Zach + Co

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