TIPS™ Reading World

Get TIPS™ Reading World so your child can develop all the skills they need to read on their own. They can even increase early reading skills by as much as 300% within just 4 weeks of playing.


$2.99 / Month


  • Learn letters and sounds needed to read virtually EVERY WORD in English without exceptions or mistakes.
  • AthenaAI™ provides reading content based exactly on your child’s ability
  • Explore reading in five gorgeous Island Worlds
  • 20+ mini-games to keep kids learning and engaged for hours
  • Smartphone and Tablet apps
  • Child safety taken seriously with COPPA compliance

TIPS™ Home Curriculum

Become your child’s favorite teacher in a heartbeat, with our patent-pending TIPS™ Home Curriculum that can take your child from zero to reading hero up to 9X faster and (we think) with 9X more fun.




  • ONE YEAR of curriculum, in 3 Packs across 9 Units, each with 5 Sections. Your child has the potential to make 5 YEARS of “traditional” progress.
  • Price is PER FAMILY.
  • 45 SECTIONS, carefully organized to the most important letters and sounds up front, unlocking your child’s readable vocabulary.
  • 40-PAGE Reading with TIPS™ – Parents Guide to answer every question and make you a TIPS™ expert alongside us.
  • FIFTY level-aligned, gorgeous digital readers
  • TWO HUNDRED Lesson Plans, designed in alignment to Core Curriculum Standards
  • FIVE HUNDRED pages of worksheets
  • BONUS! 150 printable Classroom Cards
  • BONUS! Explorer SILVER access to our digital portal to track your child’s progress in Reading World (separate purchase through Apple or Google also required)
  • BONUS! Explorer GOLD features, so you can make your own TIPS™ Translation, explore Word Lists, track progress with structured assessments, and manage your digital content.
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Founding Educators

Want to explore using TIPS™ in a classroom or small group setting? The Founding Educator Program is currently accepting applications from open-minded, innovative teachers looking to dig in!




TinyIvy is teaming up with Johns Hopkins to run a series of qualitative pilots in the Fall. Those who participate will receive this resource kit ABSOLUTELY FREE. Please sign up here if you are interested in this program.

  • All Home Curriculum Resources +
  • 20 FREE Home Curriculum Packs for your students and their families
  • 20 FREE accounts to access to TinyIvy’s Reading World app (Over $500/yr back to your students)
  • Bi-Weekly Professional Development Group
  • Private Facebook Teacher Community
  • PLATINUM access to TinyIvy’s Explorer portal (with searchable word lists, TIPS™ Letter resources, and a TIPS™ Translator)
  • Digital, printable Classroom Cards
  • PRINTED & LAMINATED Classroom Cards (150 double-sided)
  • 3 sets of TIPS™ Early Reader Pack flashcards, shipped before they are even available in the store!
  • Huge collection of digital resources
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