TIPS™ Early Reader Pack


TIPS™ Early Reader Pack is designed to teach your child everything they need to know to begin to Read with TIPS.

What’s included:

  • Level 1-10 Letter Cards with sample words, so you know exactly what to teach
  • 25 double-sided power word cards, so you can build simple phrases quickly
  • 50 word cards, with beautiful, engaging pictures on the back
  • 20 bonus OUTER SPACE word cards, to explore the whole solar system
  • 8 game guides describing different activities you can play
  • 10 word lists, with words from each level

TIPS™ Early Reader Pack

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Add reading moments throughout the day with these convenient flashcards designed to teach your child to Read with TIPS™. Remember, every single word with TIPS is perfectly decodable, so your child can just sound it out after they learn a few letters. The flashcards do a great job of increasing the recall speed and developing those early skills needed to become an exceptional reader down the road. 

Why get the TIPS™ Early Reader Pack?

  • Fast and Easy: While we know flashcards get a bad rap sometimes, for memorizing letters and sounds they work great! Simply pull out a few cards at breakfast and boom, you got in a good little chunk of reading practice!
  • Improve Speed: Sounding out words is slow unless you know the letters really well and can provide their sounds quickly. With the cards, it’s easy to practice exercises to get your child moving quickly even through unfamiliar words.
  • Build Sight Words: Sight words usually require lots of memorization, but with TIPS™ it is completely different. Instead of slowly going through a hundred sight words, we give the child the skills and knowledge they need to decode every single word, even the “tricky” words so common in our language.


For more on how these work, check out the articles in our Blog!

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