Excellence in K-2 reading every way you teach.

Excellence in K-2 reading.

The road to exceptional performance for your students starts here, whether that means 1-1 tutoring online, in class instruction led by your teachers, or interventions by your most experienced specialists.

Online tutoring.

Rapidly recover with experienced TIPS teachers.

Small group intervention.

Support for struggling early readers.

Full class supplement.

Get ahead by helping every student succeed.

Special education.

Unlock reading for those with the highest need.

Language learning.

Simple instruction to build reading proficiency

High dosage, 1-1 & small group tutoring.

Personal connection.

70,000+ tutors in our network of partners can support high dosage tutoring needs with skilled resources.

Digital supports for teachers.

Powerful teaching platform drives fidelity in instruction and automatically adjusts pacing based on student progress.

Built in parent engagement.

Homework is delivered to parents on their own app, enabling students to make progress on their own in aligned curriculum outside the session.

Leads to the maximum gains possible for your students.

Innovative TIPS curriculum drives 3-5X faster progress. We guarantee our results. If students don’t profit, neither do we.

Small group, whole class.

Consistently deliver instruction in a system that works, for whole classes down through small groups, to either catch up or pull ahead.

Small group intervention.

Provide differentiated instruction for small groups of readers or in a 1-1 interventionist setting.

The same books can be used with different levels of scaffolding, eliminating extra prep time.

Technology supports make it easy for even a new team of teachers to manage 2-3 groups in a class.

Physical and print materials drive learning.

Full class supplemental.

Acellerate the learning of the entire class.

Build strong foundations in phonemic awareness, phonics, decoding and fluency.

Enable highest performing K-1 students to reach advanced grade level reading skills.

Materials highly effective in large setting, enabling class sizes of 25+ to be taught effectively.

Special education and IEP

Unlock enormous potential.
TIPS scaffolding enables children to make reading progress that is not possible with competing programs.
Numerous documented cases of 3-5 grade level improvement in one year of instruction for SPED students.
Powerful tools to enable highly differentiated instruction aligned to students' interests and skill level.
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Language learners thrive.

Language learners have tremendous latent potential in early reading skills, because their native languages are easy to decode. English normally throws a curve ball with all the exceptions and sight words. But with TIPS, students use a consistent process for reading English and their native tongue.

Building Phenomenal Early Readers

Students experienced 3X more gains in their DIBELS composite score than was expected for ELLs. 

100% of students began the intervention at risk of falling behind. None remained in that category just 10 weeks later. 

Program was delivering to 100% BIPOC students the majority of which came from families that did not speak English at home.