Reading with TIPS™ for District Leaders

Даŕlƭ Rēаding IntдŕvenƬîнn Speƫîаl Nēдdś ĖƨgliЯ Lдаŕnдŕś DτslexƦâ

TIPS™ is a revolutionary new approach to rapidly building literacy skills across a wide spectrum of student populations. Our system creates transparency in English, allowing every student to make more progress in less time and increase the gains from every hour of reading instruction.  

Combat Learning Loss

Pilots in Fall 2020 averaged 370% faster progress than non-pandemic norms.

Students have lost precious opportunity. Schools shut down and shifted to the remote learning models, leading to a disproportionate fallout for the students who deserve our highest level of support.

Even before the pandemic, interventions of the past were not efficient enough to lead to high levels of literacy for every student. The need for faster progress is at an all time high.

TIPS™ delivers rapid learning for early reading, using a novel approach unlike anything before it in the history of English. And new is good. New is necessary. Without “new”, there is no cost effective strategy to accelerate the learning of our lowest performers relative to their high performing peers.

Easy Start, Rapid Progress

Classes can begin after the first PD session. Progress is crystal clear in 6 weeks.

The painful paradox is that we know we need to change and do more if we are going to close the widening opportunity gap, but our capacity for managing even more change is low. TIPS™ shines in this moment because it is so easy for your teachers to adopt. 

The complexity of teaching English can’t disappear, but the weight of teaching that complexity doesn’t need to be shouldered by your team. TIPS™ takes up the burden and the challenge by embedded a guide for decoding into every word a child sees. The child becomes empowered and can engage in self-teaching, building progress through high-quality practice.

TIPS™ for Early Reading
Learn more about TIPS™ for Pre-K, Kindergarten and First Grade students.

TIPS™ for Special Ed
Learn more about how our program can be applied to help kids catch up.

TIPS™ for ELLs
Explore solutions to close the gap for English Language Learners (K-3RD)

Follow the Science

The most profound science of reading is not about whole language vs. phonics

Research on reading is a little depressing: Forty-nine states show flat or declining reading proficiency scores between 2017 and 2019. $3.5B in School Improvement Grants were deployed in 2010 and had no significant impact on reading outcomes (Dragoset, 2017). Programs like Head Start have no significant effect on reading outcomes (Pages, 2020). Technology adoption has no significant effect on reading outcomes (Neitzel et al.). High quality, free summer school has no significant impact on reading scores (Borman & Dowling, 2006).

But there is a bright light, for we now know it is our system of writing, not factors of intelligence and socioeconomic status, that lead the English language to require years of additional study to achieve competency (Seymour, Phillip, & Aro, 2003; Geva & Siegel, 2000; Geva, Wade-Woolley, & Shany, 1993).


Real Reading Faster

TIPS™ can unlock your students potential in just a single semester.

When words can be easily decoded, they can be learned more quickly. The natural process of learning to read, which is foundational and similar across the world, can take place. 

The TIPS™ program works at a fundamental level by reducing the cognitive load required to read. This frees up mental energy for students to focus on higher order aspects of literacy, namely reading comprehension. 

By making English easier, there is a significant benefit for all students, including students with special needs, those requiring remediation, English Language Learners, in addition to the core populations of Pre-K through Kindergarten.

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