The absolute best introduction to English reading

A fastдŕ smƤrtдŕ ēаśзēŕ betтдŕ way to teach reading.

Differentiate your school by adopting an innovative reading program that can catapult your students to the top echelon of early readers. TIPS™ teaches the building blocks that unlocks students’ true potential, quickly giving them the essential tools needed for success.


TIPS™ is deeply logical and linear, in a way that traditional English literacy programs are not. There are no exceptions, no tricky words, and no complex rules.


In the last ten years, the science of reading has advanced beyond phonics vs. whole-language. The key driver of early literacy is English itself, not just how you teach it.


Tap into the decoding superhighway with the next generation of phonics instruction. TIPS™ creates perfect transparency, so kids can make extremely rapid progress.

Faster Progress

Students can make 3X faster progress.

TIPS™ are so easy to learn that students can learn the core system in just a few weeks. Armed with these TIPS™, the student is able to decode thousands of words on their own.

No tricky words. No inconsistency. Through repeated decoding, students learn to read common words on sight. Within months, students are reading complex text on their own, years ahead of what traditional programs are capable of. 

Real Reading Faster

End the mystery of learning to read in English.

When words can be easily decoded, they can be learned more quickly and completely. There is often a large disconnect between speaking and reading the English language. Those who learned to read first often struggle to speak. Those who learned to speak often struggle to read. 

This is a natural result of the complexity of the English spelling system. TIPS™ bridges the gap, allowing students to make clear, consistent progress that connects the dots between verbal and written English. 

Perfectly Consistent

Perfect pronunciation built right in.

TIPS™ makes every sound in every word perfectly clear and perfectly regular. It acts as a constant guide to a young reader’s progress.

This enables students to learn to speak the language quickly, adding valuable at-home practice even for those students whose parents don’t speak English.

Some day, this will be the way that every child learns to read.
Dr. Shilpa Jejukar
Principal, Amber International School

New things happen. Even in reading.

TIPS™ is a truly new approach to teaching kids to read. Learn more.

Case Study

learning to read with tips

Rapid Progress Reading with TIPS™

In the Fall of 2020, pilot data was collected from our early adopters. The results point to the clear potential of TIPS™ as a transformational alternative to traditional reading intervention strategies: 
  • Study Overview: 6 weeks intervention, 7 teachers, 36 students. Mix of digital and in-person settings.
  • 21% of students experienced “light-speed” performance gains. Many high-potential students are simply held back by the complexity of typical English instruction.
  • Students showed significant improvement across every aspect of early literacy development measured.
  • Assessments measured progress with traditional text, demonstrating immediate transfer to “regular” reading.

TIPS™ for Early Reading
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TIPS™ for Leadership
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