Reading with TIPS™ for Pre-K, K & First

Make Reading Ēаśƭ Progresс Fastдŕ Mörд Fun Lesс Frustrāting for Beginning Readers

Reading with TIPS™ fundamentally changes to approach to early reading. Students learn a handful of markings and can, almost immediately, begin decoding and reading meaningful text. This inverts the process of traditional literacy programs. Content comes first. Books come first. Comprehension comes first. All because decoding becomes effortless for every word in English.


TIPS™ is deeply logical and linear, in a way that traditional English literacy programs are not. There are no exceptions, no tricky words, and no complex rules.


In the last ten years, the science of reading has advanced beyond phonics vs. whole-language. The key driver of early literacy is English itself, not just how you teach it.


As students master TIPS™, they naturally, implicitly, build foundational reading skills. This enables "self teaching", which leads to steady progress for every student.

Opportunity for All

TIPS™ makes learning to read much, much, easier

TIPS™ reduces the cognitive load required for students to decode successfully, by embedding clear, consistent guides to mark every sound made by every letter in every word. This frees up mental energy to focus on higher order reading skills like comprehension and fluency.

Joy in Reading

Students decode fearlessly with constant success

Every encounter with English in TIPS™ is clear. Children learn that they can tackle decoding of any material presented to them. This builds tremendous confidence and capability in early readers. The markings enable students to decode on their own. Through the process of repeated decoding they develop sight-word mastery of high-frequency words naturally.  

Rich Library

TIPS™ unlocks tens of thousands of words in a few weeks of study

TIPS™ is organized into a series of Reading Levels, each introducing different letter-sound combinations based on their frequency of use in English. 

This allows us to create leveled readers in the system and include meaningful content for students, even those at the very beginning of their reading journey. 

Case Study

learning to read with tips

Rapid Progress Reading with TIPS™

In the Fall of 2020, pilot data was collected from our early adopters. The results point to the clear potential of TIPS™ as a transformational alternative to traditional reading intervention strategies: 
  • Study Overview: 6 weeks intervention, 7 teachers, 36 students. Mix of digital and in-person settings.
  • 21% of students experienced “light-speed” performance gains. Many high-potential students are simply held back by the complexity of typical English instruction.
  • Students showed significant improvement across every aspect of early literacy development measured.
  • Assessments measured progress with traditional text, demonstrating immediate transfer to “regular” reading.

New things happen. Even in reading.

TIPS™ is a truly new approach to teaching kids to read.  We watched kids and teachers struggle and thought there has to be a better way.

Something Different

There is a new way to teach kids to read.

In the past fifty years, literacy education has swung like a pendulum between phonics and whole language approaches. But for many teachers, regardless of curriculum, they know when they walk into their class in September that too many students won’t be successful. They are just starting off too far behind. 

With TIPS™, teachers are seeing six months of academic progress in a six week window. Students are being transformed to reach their potential within a single semester. 


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