TIPS™ for the strongest possible foundation in early literacy

Give your child evдŕƭ opонŕtŭnîtƭ â pдŕfect paЄwāч clėаr gуīdânçд ā pƩхдŕful sτstêm to become an excellent reader.

TIPS™ is a simple revolution in teaching young kids to read. We provide clear guidance in every encounter with every word, so your child builds the skills they need to be successful. The method is grounded in recent research that describes exactly how kids learn to read and why this process proves so challenging for so many students. 

Bad English

Avoid thousands of hours of struggle. Learn with TIPS™.

If you have ever struggled to explain why the O in DO and GO make different sounds, why the K in KNOW is silent, or what sound to make for an A in ABOUT, AIR, SMALL, AND, & AGE, we feel you. You are right. English makes no sense from a child’s perspective. It’s incredibly hard to teach, for parents and teachers alike.

Joy in Reading

Teach fearless decoding with constant success

Every encounter with English in TIPS™ is clear. Children learn that they can tackle decoding of any material presented to them. This builds tremendous confidence and capability in early readers. The markings enable students to decode on their own. Through the process of repeated decoding they develop sight-word mastery of high-frequency words naturally.  

Immersive Learning

Reading World brings TIPS™ to your home.

TIPS™ is typically introduced by teachers in a school environment. It takes at least 6 weeks of dedicated effort to see the light bulb go off and children begin to rapidly improve. 

Parents wanting to bring TIPS™ into their home can do so in a variety of ways, the easiest of which is to download and play Reading World. The first 3 levels are completely free and provide an early introduction into our system.

The Games of Reading World

Reading World includes a growing library of games that help your child work on the specific skills they need to become capable, efficient readers.


Learn each letter and its sound, teaching phonics one tip at a time.

Letter Color

When it's time to take a little break, we can color in some letters to make a picture.

Word Match

Decode words that use the letters your child has mastered.

Sound It Out

Guided practice of phonics and phonemic awareness to build early literacy skills.

Tap Time

Tap the letters as they fall from sky, hearing their sounds to solidify your child's knowledge.

Letter Picker

Select a letter based on the sound. This is a key skill practiced often.

Type Writer

Use the magic typewriter to learn to spell out words and see their picture.

Word Picker

Match the word on the page to the word said by Athena.


Teach new words as a way to introduce various letters and their sounds.

Phrase Maker

Tap the right words to complete the phrase and see fun and wonderful pictures.

Rhyme Time

Match a word to it's rhyme, using our TIPS to help teach the concept.


Spell out the word in the picture and earn some awesome fireworks!

TIPS™ Explorer Portal
Teach your child to read with TIPS™ at home with our Explorer Portal.

TIPS™ Reading Tutoring
Give your child the absolute best in early reading instruction.

TIPS™ Early Reader Pack
Get started now with this simple deck of flashcards to unlock your child’s potential.