A Unique Program for Students with Special Needs

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TIPS™ for Students with Special Needs opens new doorways for children across the spectrum a wide spectrum of diagnosis, from mild dyslexia to Down syndrome. Students find an order and regularity in TIPS™ that allows them to thrive and develop in ways not possible with traditional curriculum. 


TIPS™ is deeply logical and linear, in a way that traditional English literacy programs are not. Students with special needs can make steady, continuous progress.


TIPS™ builds reduces the cognitive load required to read, making substantial progress achievable regardless of the students diagnosis.


TIPS™ eliminates the frustration and fear by enabling children to be successful, from day one, in meaningful practice. This practice in turns build skill, in a virtuous cycle.

Opportunity for All

TIPS™ makes both learning & teaching easier

Regardless of the diagnosis, TIPS™ makes it easier for teachers to teach reading students with special needs and easier for every student to learn, from those with mild dyslexia to Down syndrome or other severe learning challenges.

Dyslexia Defense

Dyslexia challenges 30% fewer students in simpler alphabets.

Controlled research demonstrates clearly that English stands alone in its complexity. While dyslexia is a neurological challenge, a reading challenge doesn’t necessarily follow: in Italy, children with dyslexia have reading challenges 30% less often than those in the US.

Regularly Easy

TIPS™ letters and sounds have a perfectly clear relationship

By transforming English’s complex language to a simple letter-sound correspondence, TIPS™ enables students to make steady forward progress in early reading. Because the system is perfectly consistent, it is much more easily mastered. After learning just 15 TIPS™, students have the ability to decode over thirty thousand words, making progress through practice.

I work with a very challenging student population of special needs students. TIPS is truly remarkable. Regardless of the diagnosis, TIPS is making reading easier for the student and easier for me to teach.
Lynn Dolata
Reading Specialist at Centreville Layton School

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