Reading with TIPS™ for Teachers

KindдŕgƤrtên Fзŕst Grādд Prēscжŏнl Secônd Grādд

TIPS™ is a revolutionary new approach to rapidly building literacy skills across a wide spectrum of student populations. Our system creates transparency in English, allowing every student to make more progress in less time and increase the gains from every hour of reading instruction.  

Bad English

You are right. Teaching English is much harder than it needs to be.

If you have ever struggled to explain why the O in DO and GO make different sounds, why the K in KNOW is silent, or what sound to make for an A in ABOUT, AIR, SMALL, AND, & AGE, we feel you. You are right. English makes no sense from a child’s perspective. It’s incredibly hard to teach.

The traditional methods of teaching English reading don’t address the fundamental complexity of our spelling system, instead forcing kids to work through and around it. TIPS™ takes on the challenge head on and through this allows students to make exponentially faster progress in early reading.

Power Tools

Give your students powerful tools instead a long list of tricky words.

If kids have the right tools to learn from the beginning, they are going to be more successful, no matter what the subject. Bite-sized pieces of information, internalized over time, will create a fluent reader. 

Getting it right from the get-go means that fewer children will be left struggling. When reading is easier to learn, and easier to teach, students can spend more time on and get more value from practice. Teachers can spend more time on content and comprehension. Everyone wins.

New things happen. Even in reading.

TIPS™ is a truly new approach to teaching kids to read.  We watched kids and teachers struggle and thought there has to be a better way.

Super Powers

Free the hero inside you that always wanted to be a teacher.

Do you remember that special teacher, the one who made you want to be a teacher? The ones who went out of their way to help a struggling student, to encourage you to think big? 

Most teachers know when they walk into a classroom there are just some kids they won’t be able to reach. But with TIPS™, there is a new hope. In a few hours, you can be ready for your first lesson. In a few weeks, you can master early reading instruction in TIPS™ and put every student in your class on a pathway to success.

Real Reading Faster

TIPS™ can unlock your students potential in just a single semester.

When words can be easily decoded, they can be learned more quickly. The natural process of learning to read is unlocked.

The TIPS™ program works at a fundamental level by reducing the cognitive load required to read. This frees up mental energy for students to focus on higher order aspects of literacy, namely reading comprehension. By making English easier, there is a significant benefit for all students, from your highest performers to those needing additional support.


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