ReadingWorld PILOT STUDY

Learning to read is perhaps the most important skill your children will acquire. Reading means success in school, and success in life. It is the gateway to the world, inspiring imagination, creativity and personal fulfillment.

So if you are here, it’s because you are interested in helping your child learn to read, and we want to partner with you to do that.

Join our virtual pilot study and track the progress of your child’s reading using standarized national testing.

  • We meet with you virtually
  • conduct a baseline assessment of your child
  • And then the fun begins!

A few minutes of playing ReadingWorld a few times a day, and before you know it, your little one will take a huge step forward in phonemic awareness and sounding out words.

And that is how reading begins!  We will conduct assessments at regular intervals so we can measure growth.  That’s all there is to it!

So please sign up. We will be in touch very soon to set up your child’s assessment, and open the word through reading!





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