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TinyIvy is a family-run, mission-driven business which values bold ideas aimed at bold objectives. Learn more about the folks working to make literacy easy for thousands of little minds across the country.

Zachary has over fifteen years experience as leader and driver of business value in a wide range of diverse roles across operations, finance, sales, technology and product. Zach is the founder and CEO of TinyIvy.

Prior to this role, Zach was a co-founder and CTO of CipherHealth, raising over $55M in capital to deliver enterprise healthcare technology solution to hospitals. 

Zach sincerely loves to dress up on Halloween, can probably recite The Princess Bride verbatim, and is the devoted father of Harper and Conrad, whose tiny little baby steps started this whole project.

Rebecca works as TinyIvy’s social media and marketing manager. She drives outreach to the community and works closely with parents to better understand the learning needs of their children. Previously, Rebecca was the office manager for a veterinary clinic in Port Saint Lucie.

She is mom to Brandon (“Little B”), a very fashionable little tyke with huge smiles and big hugs for everyone. They ride horses, hit the beach, and relax with Edward, who almost qualifies as a human.

Corporate Culture

Best idea wins: Great contributions can come from anywhere at any time, so we need to listen to all the voices in the room and make a decision about where to go with all the ideas laid out on the table. Your role in this is three-fold: speak up when you have something to say, genuinely listen when someone else is speaking, and have the courage and confidence to accept a proposal that isn’t yours as the right path forward.

Do more with less: Treat the money spent on the business as if it comes out of your own pocket. This is easy right now for me, because it is true. Remember that there are two economies. If you are paying more than $50/hr or $200/month you are using the wrong one.

It’s all your job: Everyone needs to pitch in, to do dishes, to make chairs, to cold call, to code. There is an impossible amount of work to do. If it bothers you enough to talk about it not getting done, do it. Never say “that’s not my job”.  If it needs being done, do it.

Speak up: If you see something, say something. Good, bad, ugly, indifferent, amazing. Feedback should be fast and focused. Don’t let bad news simmer. Don’t wait to ring the gong. Sharing is the foundation of a strong remote workforce, do it often.

Be good people: The strongest friendships are built on mutual trust and mutual respect, all nighters, tough times and victory drinks (be it Martinelli’s or High West). Treat every member of the team, every customer, every potential customer like they could be a life-long friend. Don’t lie. Don’t cheat. Don’t steal. We hope this business brings amazing people close together and creates relationships that last a lifetime.

Sprint the marathon: If we are going to turn heads, we need to run a six minute mile every mile, all the way to the end of the marathon. You have to pace yourself, but you have to move fast too. You also can’t expect a leisurely jog to take home any medals. Run hard so you can make a difference, every day, for years.

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