Our Team


Zachary Silverzweig


Devoted father of Harper and Conrad, whose tiny little baby steps started this whole project. Sincerely loves to dress up on Halloween, start new diets, and nerd out. Owns very dusty climbing gear.

BA, MS, Columbia University

Briney Burley


Outstanding educator, writer and curriculum developer with over 10+ years of international experience with K-12 teaching, curriculum development, and school-wide/community event organization. 

BA, Georgetown University
M. Ed. Columbia’s Teachers College

Oscar Norsworthy


After spending a few years teaching English, Oscar is now working hard to make solutions that scale to impact young kid’s lives across the country, thoughtfully driving product management from napkin to deploy.

BA, The George Washington University

Mary Silverzweig


For over 20 years, Mary was CEO of a multi-million dollar management consulting company, focusing on management development and training. An expert in programmed instruction design, Mary is applying that experience to teaching children to read. 

MS, Farleigh Dickenson University
JD, University of Utah

Rebecca Silverzweig


Becky drives our social media accounts, spreading the word about TinyIvy and helping bring our innovative system to thousands of parents across the world. When not on TikTok, she’s probably riding her horse Biggles.


Jason Singh


Coding is a relatively new skill for me but I’m loving the process. I’m an artist and frequently draw, turning anything into a canvas. If I’m not drawing or coding you’ll definitely see me on the courts looking like LeBron. I’ve been playing basketball for as long as I can remember and my step back is insane!

Founding Educator Community

Sarah Rothenberg


​Sarah has been working in the education space for over a decade, including teaching in public and private schools, and pioneering innovation and operations for ed-tech companies, Montessori schools and start-ups.

BA, M. Ed. Amherst


Teddy Rice


President and Co-Founder of
Ellevation Education

Over 20 years experience in Education Technology as an operator and investor, focused primarily on how innovation can make a difference for our nation’s underserved and struggling students.

MBA Wharton, BA Dartmouth

Dave Golden


Principal, Family Trust

With a diverse background in publishing, media, and film, Dave’s focus lies squarely on finding innovative solutions to help lift up communities in need of support.

BA Williams, Fulbright Scholar

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