A better reading curriculum could have every child in your classroom reading. Real fast.

Don’t let a single child fall behind. Our curriculum is completely unique and rooted in the most important research on the science of reading. TinyIvy’s Reading with TIPS™ program can help your students learn to read easier, faster and with more joy.

Improve Early Literacy in Remote, Blended or Classroom Settings in Just Weeks

Reading with TIPS™ is an entirely new take on how kids should learn to read English. The problem has been there all along: English is incredibly difficult to learn because our spelling is chaotic. Once you add TIPS™, a tiny set of training wheels, children can truly learn to read on their own in a few weeks and have the potential to become reading masters in a tiny fraction of the time with traditional systems. 

What’s Inside the Reading With TIPS™ Curriculum?

 Whatever your goal as a teacher for your students, our system can help you get there. Here are the resources we include in our curriculum. 

Engaging Lessons & Activities

With every single lesson, your students will make massive progress towards exceptional reading. Each lesson or activity is carefully designed as part of a holistic curriculum that teaches kids to read with TIPS™. For more about how the system itself works, check out our How it Works Page.

Our curriculum is primarily targeted towards Kindergarten students, but can be used in a wide variety of settings including ELL, special needs, intervention support, and kindergarten readiness.

TIPS™ Explorer Portal

The Explorer Portal is your gateway to reading. It includes a library of resources, tools, and technology that will help ensure that you and your class can make rapid, sustainable progress towards literacy.

Here is what is included within the portal:

  • Resource Library: With over 200 resources to help teach your students how to Read with TIPS™.
  • Translator: To create your own content in alignment with students individual interests and abilities.
  • Digital Flash Card Sets: Which can dynamically create an infinite variety of practice so kids can progress quickly.

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Progress Tracking

Every step of the reading journey can be monitored and tracked within the Explorer Portal, including your students progress in the Reading World game they can play at home.

Our curriculum bridges the gap between in-person and remote instruction, making it easy to make significant progress in any setting.

Leveled Readers

The curriculum includes a growing library of digital books that can be read by the children as they progress through the system. These books cover a wide range of topics, helping students to explore their early skills and work towards mastery of reading with TIPS™.

Each book has been designed for readers at a particular early reading level. While many metrics have been used for older readers (such as Lexile Scores), our system allows us to score the difficulty of books for early readers and introduce concepts in a more productive and logical sequence.

Why Do We Need a New Curriculum to Teach Kids to Read?

Over the past fifty years, thousands of studies have been done to support every method of reading instruction ever devised. A lot of this research has focused on the two core methods of literacy instruction:

  • Whole Language Approaches: which favor context and queues over decoding letters and sounds.
  • Phonics Approaches: which focus on the decoding aspect of reading.

Although the general consensus has been that the phonics-based approaches are superior, a number of recent studies show that this conclusion may not be so clear cut. Even more importantly, as we state in our company mission, neither approach has driven changes in literacy scores across the US. Only 35% of kids can read at grade-level proficiency in 4th grade.

In summary, nothing has really worked.

NAEP Reading Report Card - Racial Inequality
NAEP Reading Report Card - National Averages

Sources and More Statistics: NAEP 2019 Report Card  –  ProLiteracy.org  –  Begin To Read  –  DoSomething.org



Kids learn to read faster because there is less to memorize. Instead of learning 200 sight words, with just 10 TIPS your child can already decode thousands of words.


Kids learn to read with more joy because it is easier. Every word a child reads follows the rules. There are no exceptions, so kids make fewer mistakes as they learn to read.


In every other country with an alphabet, children teach themselves to read by decoding. With TIPS, we make that same process possible in English.


In our first pilot, we saw kids who learn to read with TIPS make 900% faster progress than the control data and our first group of four year olds can read at a 1st grade level.

How it Works

Learn more about the revolutionary new system that can get children reading faster, easier, and with more joy.

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