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Teaching your kindergarten or pre-k kid to read just got a whole lot easier. Reading World brings our unique TIPS to iOS and Android, so your child can learn to read easier, faster and with more joy. 

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"TIPS makes phonics fun and straightforward while following the learning path catered to your child's goals."
Laura P.
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A Super Fun Reading App
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Reading World (for iOS and Android) uses our powerful TIPS system that allows every single word your child encounters to be decoded easily. The game can teach your child to decode words in just a few weeks.

Learn Phonics. Better Phonics.

The first step in the reading journey starts with letters and their sounds. Normally, this means learning the "A" in CAT and calling it a day. But what about the "A" in AIR? or SMALL? or TUNA? or FAR? What about the "O" in SOME? By teaching these sounds explicitly, and using TIPS so kids know the right sounds to make, we build these strong reading foundations that will serve us later on.

Master Blending

Blending in "Old" English is important, but it's not the whole ballgame. There are just too many exceptions kids need to learn to make simple decoding and blending a productive strategy. With TIPS, we throw those exceptions out the window. Every single word can be decoded with simple blending, moving from left to right and making the right sound for each letter as it appears in that particular word.

Rapid Word Decoding

Once your child grasps the concept of blending and develops a working knowledge of the key letter sounds, they start to pick up speed and build confidence decoding. What starts as a process that can take as long as a minute, becomes effortless and fast.

Reading on Sight

Instead of rote memorization of hundreds of "sight" words, reading with TIPS is a natural process where children memorize words because they decode them repeatedly while reading them. This is the same process that happens in simple languages, where kids typically learn to read in less than half the time we do in the US.

The Games of Reading World

To teach the skills above, Reading World includes a growing library of games that help your child work on the specific skills they need to become capable, efficient readers.


Learn each letter and its sound, teaching phonics one tip at a time.

Letter Color

When it's time to take a little break, we can color in some letters to make a picture.

Word Match

Decode words that use the letters your child has mastered.

Sound It Out

Guided practice of phonics and phonemic awareness to build early literacy skills.

Tap Time

Tap the letters as they fall from sky, hearing their sounds to solidify your child's knowledge.

Letter Picker

Select a letter based on the sound. This is a key skill practiced often.

Type Writer

Use the magic typewriter to learn to spell out words and see their picture.

Word Picker

Match the word on the page to the word said by Athena.


Teach new words as a way to introduce various letters and their sounds.

Phrase Maker

Tap the right words to complete the phrase and see fun and wonderful pictures.

Rhyme Time

Match a word to it's rhyme, using our TIPS to help teach the concept.


Spell out the word in the picture and earn some awesome fireworks!


Kids learn to read faster because there is less to memorize. Instead of learning 200 sight words, with just 10 TIPS your child can already decode thousands of words.


Kids learn to read with more joy because it is easier. Every word a child reads follows the rules. There are no exceptions, so kids make fewer mistakes as they learn to read.


In every other country with an alphabet, children teach themselves to read by decoding. With TIPS, we make that same process possible in English.


In our first pilot, we saw kids who learn to read with TIPS make 900% faster progress than the control data and our first group of four year olds can read at a 1st grade level.

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How it Works

Learn more about the revolutionary new system that can get children reading faster, easier, and with more joy.

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