TIPS™ Early Reader Pack

TIPS Early Reader Pack is a complete early literacy solution that fits in the palm of your hand. The Pack includes 150 double sided cards that can be used to teach letter-sound awareness, blending, word-level decoding, and sight reading skills. 

Learn the Letters

The Early Reader Pack introduces students to TIPS™

English reading is extremely challenging. Only 3% of words in English rely exclusively on the letter-sounds we teach our kids. TIPS™ makes reading explicit, every sound for every letter is clearly indicated. Instead of teaching hundreds of exceptions, we teach 15 TIPS and give students the power to decode, on their own, over sixty thousand words.

Learn Letters

With TIPS™, reading is not a guessing game. Every letter sound is clear.

Letter Cards are the backbone of learning to read with TIPS. Letters are organized by TIPS Level, so the most common sounds can be taught first.

This means that after learning just a handful of TIPS, children are able to decode thousands of words on their own. 

From Letters to Words

TIPS™ unlocks tens of thousands of vocabulary words in 8-12 weeks.

When words can be easily decoded, they can be learned more quickly. The Early Reader Pack includes Word Cards, with bright colorful pictures to reward the early decoding efforts of students. 

Guidance Throughout

Everything you need is included in the box.

Supplemental cards are also included to provide clear guidance to the teacher or parent on how to learn to read with TIPS. This includes outlines for eight specific mini-games usefully to develop early reading skills.

How it Works
Learn exactly how TIPS™ works and why it is such an important advancement. 

TIPS™ Tutoring
Make the fastest progress possible in early reading with our TIPS™ Certified tutors. 

TIPS™ Reading World
Let Athena guide your child on a reading adventure as they learn to read with TIPS™.