Simple. Easy. Reading.

Our Explorer Portal is designed to help busy parents get everything they need to get their children reading. From books to worksheets to progress reporting, the Explorer portal is designed to meet the needs of both parents and teachers working to teach their kids to read with TIPS™.

Make and Track Progress

Exactly which letters does my child know? What words are they confusing? Can they sight read? These are the sorts of question any parent has and exactly the questions we strive to answer within the reporting areas of the Explorer Portal.

Everything You Need

All of the resources of our curriculum are convenient organized and tagged, so everything is in one place. Need a book? Need a worksheet? Have a particular reading skill you want to explore? Find it all right here in our Library or just sit back and relax, because we'll email you the right links every week!

Create What Matters

Every child is so wonderfully and adorably unique! Within our Explorer platform lies a powerful translator that you can use to create stories and write phrases that are meaningful for your child. There is truly no better way to learn than this.


Kids need to memorize only a tiny handful of TIPS and then they can read thousands and thousands of words.


Create consistent learning for your child, where there are no tricks "you just have to memorize."


Give your child the training wheels they need to read independently, as young as 3.


After the basics are mastered, rapidly progress to richer content and more in depth reading.
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