Simple. Easy. Reading.

If you want your child to read fast, easily, and without frustration, this is it. Whether you are looking to catch up, get ahead, or start early, the Home Curriculum delivers everything you need to take your child from the very first steps of learning to read all the way through to mastery.

What's Inside the TIPS™ Home Curriculum?

The Home Curriculum is an entirely digital package that includes all the resources you need to teach your child to read. Explore each of the areas below to get a full picture of what is under the hood.

Explorer Portal

An incredible collection of tools and resources to help you and your child explore and understand the TIPS™ approach to reading.

Lessons & Activities

Home Curriculum is based around 3 Packs, each with 3 Units, covering a total over 1.5 years of reading curriculum.


The Home Curriculum includes numerous readers, perfectly leveled to the skill of the reader. This allows your child to make steady progress, from baby steps to light speed reading.


Track your progress, both with the Assessments within our Explorer portal, as well as within the Reading World game (additional purchase required).

Engaging Lessons & Activities That Work

WIth every single lesson, your child will make massive progress towards exceptional reading. Each lesson or activity is carefully designed as part of a holistic curriculum that teaches kids to read with TIPS.

Explorer Reading Portal

Detailed Progress Tracking

Every step of the reading journey can be monitored and tracked within the Explorer Portal, including your child's progress in Reading World. This added capability is available only to parents who purchase the curriculum.

Books to Read


Kids need to memorize only a tiny handful of TIPS and then they can read thousands and thousands of words.


Create consistent learning for your child, where there are no tricks "you just have to memorize."


Give your child the training wheels they need to read independently, as young as 3.


After the basics are mastered, rapidly progress to richer content and more in depth reading.
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