Simple. Easy. Reading.

Reading World is a game for iOS and Android that teaches your child to read with TIPS™! For kids as young as 2 or as old as 8, reading is hard work! But our game and the revolutionary TIPS makes reading so easy that everyone can do it. Stop struggling with sight words and complex phonics rules! TIPS makes it possible to apply simple decoding skills and sound out every single word in English, organized so that with just a few weeks of practice, a child can read thousands of words.

Let Athena be Your Guide

Learn TIPS™ Letters and Sounds

English is made up of 44 sounds, but we only have 26 letters. The ABCs are just the beginning. We teach children ALL the sounds each letter can make, this is the secret sauce.

Blend Sounds to Words

Using the best research on reading science, we then teach children how to take these letters and turn them into words. They learn to “decode” every single word they see.

Become a Reading Superstar

The tools above are really all you need. Now we just practice. Kids naturally, quickly, become sight-readers. If they don’t know a word, they decode it. It’s simple. And it really works.


Kids need to memorize only a tiny handful of TIPS and then they can read thousands and thousands of words.


Create consistent learning for your child, where there are no tricks "you just have to memorize."


Give your child the training wheels they need to read independently, as young as 3.


After the basics are mastered, rapidly progress to richer content and more in depth reading.

Games that Teach

Each mini-game within Reading World is designed to teach specific reading skills that are scientifically proven to help your child learn to read. On this foundation, we include our patent-pending TIPS, which allow your child to read faster, more efficiently, without mistakes and without frustration. Here are a few examples.

Letter Lesson

We introduce every letter and sound to your child, but not just the A from CAT. Also the A in TUNA, AIR, and SMALL.

Tap Time

Letters drop from the sky (or in the sea) and the children get to tap them. Super fun and great for learning.

Word Match

After just a few sessions of Reading World, your child will be sounding out words all on their own.

In a Word

Each letter is presented in context in the words where it is used, helping kids build mastery of letter identification.

The Typing Game

A retro addition to our game set, this little typewriter lets kids write up words all by themselves.

Hidden Picture

As your child correctly identifies the words in the phrase, a beautiful picture is revealed!

Phrase Word Tap

Presenting a phrase in order, children identify the words in the phrase, improving efficiency.


Everyone needs a little coloring. Ours is quite special. Try it, you will see what we mean.

Word Pick

Master the power words and improve efficiency by selecting the right word, and then watch our beloved characters come to life!

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