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At TinyIvy we believe that every child deserves an equal opportunity to education. The TIPS™ tutoring program helps build your child’s self-confidence and cultivates an inclusive environment for children with learning disabilities in order for them to thrive regardless of the circumstances.

Every student deserves an ēquаl opонŕtŭnîtƭ tŏ havд fun â sucçesсful fūΎуŕд â Щançд tŏ lдаŕn mörд with reading

TinyIvy Phonetics System (TIPS™) is effective in teaching students how to learn to read, particularly for those students who have struggled to make significant progress with other system. Regardless of the diagnosis, the TIPS™ tutoring program helps children that might need extra assistance with reading because of the challenges that come with traditional methods of learning.


TIPS™ is a brand new way to teach your child to read, which has only been available in schools since 2021. It's completely different from other approaches.


The science of reading is a lot more than just phonics. Our program specifically addresses the challenges students face learning to read: the underlying challenge of English.


Using our system, children's reading accuracy is improved over 60% vs. competing programs, leading to a more positive experience.

Opportunity for All

A Better Way to Learn to Read

Based on the phonics system seen in China and Israel, TIPS™ makes learning how to read much easier by creating perfect, regular letter-sound correspondence. 

This reduces the cognitive load required to make progress in early reading. It makes decoding easy, so that your child can spend more time thinking about the story itself. 

Our tutoring program can help your child make these connections and help them reach their full potential.

Anything is Possible with TIPS™

Proven Progress at Lightning Speeds

Data from our Spring 2021 Centreville Layton case study shows that students using TIPS™ saw an improvement in their literacy skills with a 58% increase in word reading, 141% increase in letter sounds, and 75% increase in nonword reading. 

When reading with TIPS, students were able to increase their reading level from Pre-K/Kindergarten levels to 2nd Grade reading levels in a single semester. 

Real Reading Faster

Exclusive Tutors Certified in TIPS™

Your child’s education is our top priority. We strive to find highly-skilled and motivated individuals who are passionate about teaching and have a love for helping others.

Additionally, tutors at TinyIvy undergo a Teach with TIPS™ training and certification process to ensure your child’s success. 

Meet the Tutors

Lindsey Regensburg

Special Education specialist with over 8 years experience working at world class schools for students with special needs. 

M.S. in Education: TESOL, Queens College

B.S. in Education: Special Education & Rehabilitation, University of Arizona

Coco Jin

10+ years experience in the education sector, I have specialized in international education and applied learning theories in curriculum design.

M. Ed. Teachers College of Columbia University
BS, Peking University

Briney Burley

Founding Educator and curriculum developer at TinyIvy. 10+ years of experience teaching students across K-12. Focus on early literacy development via TIPS and reading comprehension strategies.

BA, Georgetown University
M. Ed., Teachers College of Columbia University

Case Study

learning to read with tips

Rapid Progress Reading with TIPS™

In the Fall of 2020, pilot data was collected from our early adopters. The results point to the clear potential of TIPS™ as a transformational alternative to traditional reading intervention strategies: 
  • Study Overview: 6 weeks intervention, 7 teachers, 36 students. Mix of digital and in-person settings.
  • 21% of students experienced “light-speed” performance gains. Many high-potential students are simply held back by the complexity of typical English instruction.
  • Students showed significant improvement across every aspect of early literacy development measured.
  • Assessments measured progress with traditional text, demonstrating immediate transfer to “regular” reading.

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