Using TIPS® to learn to read. Faster.​

Using TIPS® to learn to read. Faster.

The TinyIvy Phonics System (TIPS®) adds a set of training wheels to letters so kids know exactly what sound to make. It's the simplest, fastest way to drive massive performance improvement in your school.

Add TIPS to make sounds clear.

TIPS are training wheels that make every word decodable. Adding just a few small marks allows the average student to read 3-5x faster. The idea was inspired by Hebrew, which has taught kids to read this way for 800 years.

Start reading, with training wheels.

In just 6-8 weeks, virtually all students using TIPS are able work through grade level appropriate text. TIPS books are both decodable and authentic. Students read real stories about meaningful topics, decoding every word in a leveled system.

Keep reading. Fade out the training wheels.

When you know how to ride a bike, the training wheels don’t touch the ground. The same idea applies to TIPS. We remove the TIPS first for high frequency words, and then completely once children reach grade level proficiency.

Time to move faster.

Fast enough to catch up.

TinyIvy’s program is designed to make lightning fast progress in reading by enabling the student to accomplish much of the learning process on their own. 

The graph here shows an entire class that improved one full grade level in just a single semester.

The graph here highlights a school that began the fall with just 18% of kids reading fully on grade level and rose to 73% on grade level reading by the end of the year.

This school is 98% BIPOC, with 66% of students receiving free lunch, and represents 104 students across grades K-2.