Why Should English Language Learners Read with TIPS™?

Make Reading Ēаśƭ Progresс Fastдŕ Mörд Fun Lesс Frustrāting for ELL Students

TIPS™ for English Language Learners allows students to use the mental muscles built when learning to read most other languages and apply them immediately to the study of English. Most other languages are “transparent”, meaning the letters in those languages make the same sounds virtually all the time. 


Tap into the decoding superhighway with the next generation of phonics instruction. TIPS™ creates perfect transparency, so kids can make extremely rapid progress.


TIPS™ can be easily learned by non-English-speaking adults. These parents have a unique opportunity to support their child's learning, unlike any traditional method.


Students will learn all the tools they need to decode tens of thousands of words in the first two months of instruction, enabling them to build rich vocabulary by reading.


ELL parents want to help. With TIPS™ they can.

TIPS™ are so easy to learn that a parent can master what they need in minutes and then help the children with their reading. 

Real Reading Faster

TIPS™ unlocks tens of thousands of vocabulary words in one semester.

When words can be easily decoded, they can be learned more quickly. If your ELL students spoken vocabulary exceeds their reading ability, there is an opportunity for extremely rapid gains in reading comprehension.

Perfectly Consistent

Don't let spelling exceptions in English hold back our ELL students.

TIPS™ makes English transparent for ELL students, so they can decode every word without mistakes or exceptions.


My dual language students always, always learned to read in Spanish faster than English. Now, not only do I understand why that happens, but I have a real system to make that same kind of progress happen in English.

M. Ed. Elementary Education and Teaching


ELL Phonemic Awareness Gains

  • Over just 6 weeks, ELL students were transformed.
  • At the outset, only 1 student (7%), ranked above the 50th percentile ranking for phonemic awareness. By the post-test, 64% of students achieved that mark.
  • Bottom quartile performers improved dramatically. With TIPS™, no child is left behind.
  • 21% of students experienced “light-speed” performance gains. Many high-potential students are simply held back by the complexity of typical English instruction.

TIPS™ for Reading Coaches
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