Reading Progress

In Minutes a Day



Reading Progress

In Minutes a Day


900% Faster. Proven in Pilot Research. 


Free Through Level 3. Your Kids Can Learn to Read Over 500 Words.


Even Young Kids Can Start Reading, in Just Weeks.


A Unique System Where Kids Decode Every Word They See.

“My son is doing so well. I just can’t believe that he will be starting kindergarten already knowing how to read.”

Amy – mom to a 4 year old

Discover a World of Fun

Each mini-game within TIPS™ Reading World is designed to keep your child engaged and having fun, while at the same time teaching them the fundamental reading skills that they need to be a fantastic little reader.

Letter Lesson

We introduce every letter and sound to your child, but not just the A from CAT. Also the A in TUNA, AIR, and SMALL.

Tap Time

Letters drop from the sky (or in the sea) and the children get to tap them. Super fun and great for learning.

Word Match

After just a few sessions of Reading World, your child will be sounding out words all on their own.

In a Word

Each letter is presented in context in the words where it is used, helping kids build mastery of letter identification.

The Typing Game

A retro addition to our game set, this little typewriter lets kids write up words all by themselves.

Hidden Picture

As your child correctly identifies the words in the phrase, a beautiful picture is revealed!

Phrase Word Tap

Presenting a phrase in order, children identify the words in the phrase, improving efficiency.


Everyone needs a little coloring. Ours is quite special. Try it, you will see what we mean.

Word Pick

Master the power words and improve efficiency by selecting the right word, and then watch our beloved characters come to life!


The TinyIvy™ Phonics System

Using TIPS™ is like training wheels that get your child reading almost immediately. As they pick up speed the training wheels come off, and they can decode every single word they see, with confidence.
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