Faster progress.

TIPS simplify the learning process and allow students to make dramatic gains, up to 500% faster than the national average improvement.

Lower cost.

TIPS has the lowest total cost of any comprehensive supplemental reading program. Everything you need is included to be effective.

Easier teaching.

Teaching kids to read with TIPS is simple. Classes require almost no prep time. With less than 2 hours of PD, teachers are classroom ready.

Learning to read with the TinyIvy Phonics System (TIPS®).

“Once you teach with TIPS, you can't go back. Some day soon, everyone will wonder why we ever taught kids to read any other way."
M Ed. Elementary Education and Teaching

Powerful results in 6-8 weeks.

After completing the first unit of our program (6-8 weeks), students made substantial progress in every measure of early reading.

Everything you need to teach your kids to read.

Lesson Plans

Engaging lessons plans to help your classrooms, small groups, pods, or one-on-one tutoring sessions make faster progress.

Digital Game

Students can learn at home or as part of an in-class blended learning environment by playing Reading World.

Virtual Tools

Practice letter-sound awareness, decoding, and guided reading with over 100 levelled practice activities.

Flash Cards

Improve decoding speed and recall by practicing TIPS with flash cards, which includes eight learning games.

Lots of Books

Within weeks, children are able to read on their own, working their way through our levelled readers with confidence.

This isn't just another reading program.

No guessing. No complex decoding. No sight words. No tricky words. No exceptions.