There is a brand new way to teach your child to read.

Our new approach to reading can be learned in weeks, allowing even young children to read thousands of words on their own.

“My son is doing so well. I just can’t believe that he will be starting kindergarten already knowing how to read.”
Mom of a 4-year-old


Kids learn to read faster because there is less to memorize. Instead of learning 200 sight words, with just 10 TIPS your child can already decode thousands of words.


Kids learn to read with more joy because it is easier. Every word a child reads follows the rules. There are no exceptions, so kids make fewer mistakes as they learn to read.


In every other country with an alphabet, children teach themselves to read by decoding. With TIPS, we make that same process possible in English.


In our first pilot, we saw kids who learn to read with TIPS make 900% faster progress than the control data and our first group of four year olds can read at a 1st grade level.

What Your Child Needs
To Learn to Read

Learning to read takes more than just a game, it takes a world of content that you can use to surround your child, including books, worksheets, flash cards, and activities and lessons designed so that your child makes steady progress. Click on an area below to learn more.

Reading with TIPS™ Curriculum

TinyIvy's curriculum is designed to teach kids to read using the revolutionary TIPS™ method. The first of its kind, TIPS™ allows for easy, natural decoding of every single word in English without the need for respelling. This allows for children of virtually any age and skill level to become rapid readers and can help reduce the burden of dyslexia and other reading disabilities.

This curriculum is currently focused on Kindergarten, Kindergarten readiness, and remedial interventions for older student.

TIPS Reading World

TIPS Reading World is a digital game for you to play with your child. Guided by Athena, the game introduces your child to the system with fun characters and engaging gameplay. It is the perfect place to start when you are learning to reading with TIPS.

TIPS Readers

TIPS Readers are a series of texts organized by Reading Level. The TIPS system is structured so that children learn the most important fundamentals of reading up front, which are then constantly reinforced. The sequencing of the system is based on an algorithm that decoded the entire dictionary, mapping letters and their sounds together for the first time in the history of teaching English.

TIPS Explorer Portal

The TIPS Explorer Portal allows you, as a parent, to better understand how to teach with TIPS. It includes resources to track the progress of your child in Reading World, learn our TIPS letters and sounds, and create content for your children to read.

TIPS Early Reader Pack

The TIPS Early Reader Pack is a great way to introduce your child to phonics and blending, as well as the TIPS letters and their sounds. This deck includes 150 cards covering the first 10 levels of our reading system. Once mastered, this allows a child to decode 99% of the words they will need to read by Grade 5.

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How it Works

Learn more about the revolutionary new system that can get children reading faster, easier, and with more joy.

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