Teach Your Kids to Read in 14% of the Time

Kids in Israel learn to read a language written without vowels in less than a year, using a system exactly like TIPS™.

Kids in Europe, after 1 year of school, read fast and accurately, because their alphabets are easy and transparent.
Pilot evidence indicates that TIPS™ can lead to 9X faster progress. It is based on these proven approaches.

a true innovation in teaching kids to read

Become your child's favorite teacher by giving them the gift of learning to read. Kids read rich content faster, easier, and with fewer mistakes when they Read with TIPS™. Start today by purchasing our Home Curriculum!

Huge Time Saver

Reading with TIPS™ takes a tiny fraction of the "normal" time needed to learn to read.

Free Trial

Try it now. It takes less than a week to see the difference that TIPS can make in giving your child the gift of literacy.

Joyful Progress

Kids reach reading milestones faster. Almost immediately "reading to learn" instead of "learning to read."

Classroom Aligned

The entire program is aligned to the way reading is taught in schools, we just add TIPS™ so kids can do it 9X faster.

Proven Approach

Millions of children in Israel have learned to read a language typically writen without a single vowel, by adding a series of tips so that words can be sounded out. TIPS™ brings this two thousand year old innovation to English.

Bridging the Gap

TIPS™ is provided both as a curriculum for the classroom, but also through our digital game ReadingWorld. Explore the whole universe of reading, with adaptive content based on your child's reading progress. Purchase the iOS or Android App here.

Start Right Here. Right Now.

The TIPS™ Home Curriculum pack delivers everything you need in easily digestible weekly installments. Lessons, worksheets, activities, and digital books to get you and your child up and running (and reading) in no time.
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