Your students could make 3X faster progress learning to read.


Children master early reading in Spanish years ahead of what they can achieve in English, because the alphabet is closely tied to the sounds needed to make each word. When you make an alphabet easier to read, the rate of reading acquisition can improve dramatically.


Anyone can teach children to read with TIPS™, because the system itself does the hard part for you. After signing up, we will connect you with one of our reading specialists who will walk you through the material and get you ready for your first class. You can be ready to teach tomorrow.


The only certainty facing schools is an uncertain future, where doors may be open or closed with just weeks of notice. Reading with TIPS™ was created during the pandemic to specifically meet the needs of remote educators and enable students to make real reading progress even in a fully remote setting.

Learning to Read with the TinyIvy Phonics System (TIPS™)

“Once you teach with TIPS, you can't go back. Some day soon, everyone will wonder why we ever taught kids to read any other way."
M Ed. Elementary Education and Teaching

Pilot Results from Fall 2020

After completing the first unit of our program (6-8 weeks), students made substantial progress in every measure of early reading.

Everything You Need to Teach Your Kids to Read

Lesson Plans

Engaging lessons plans to help your classrooms, small groups, pods, or one-on-one tutoring sessions make faster progress.

Digital Game

Students can learn at home or as part of an in-class blended learning environment by playing Reading World.

Virtual Tools

Practice letter-sound awareness, decoding, and guided reading with over 100 levelled practice activities.

Flash Cards

Improve decoding speed and recall by practicing TIPS with flash cards, which includes eight learning games.

Levelled Books

Within weeks, children are able to read on their own, working their way through our levelled readers with confidence.

This isn't just another reading program.

No guessing. No complex decoding. No sight words. No tricky words. No exceptions.